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Clean out files slowing down your computer

If your computer is slowing down, you probably know that cleaning up your disk often helps. In Windows, you can find a standard Disk Cleanup tool in your Start menu.

You can use it to clean out temporary files, thumbnails and cached webpages that are slowing down your computer. In just a few minutes, you can wipe out a lot of the clutter in there to speed it up.

It’s good to maintain your computer’s performance. But, cleaning out your hard disk doesn’t always mean the stuff you deleted is completely gone.

In fact, hackers can recover information you thought was gone. To permanently clean out clutter from your hard disk, there’s a free alternative to your computer’s Disk Cleanup. It’s called KCleaner.

It works like the disk cleanup tool on your computer. You click on the types of files you want to delete, like Temporary Files, Windows Log Files, Adobe Reader Cache, and many others. (See photo on next page.)

From there, KCleaner will permanently delete those files. Your files will be unrecoverable. So, be extra careful not to accidentally delete anything you want to keep.

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Download instructions

Click on the blue link below (or click here). Click on the blue Download tab in the KCleaner box on the right-hand side of your computer screen. Find the box labeled “KCleaner” >> Download Regular (ad supported) or Download Lite (no ads). Open the executable file, then follow the installation instructions.

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