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Change your phone’s ringtone to something more soothing

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t think too much about your smartphone’s ringtone. After all, it came with the phone when you got it.

Plus, it does what it’s supposed to do. When it rings, you hear it and you answer it.

But you’ve probably experienced that jolt when your ringtone’s shrill sound is disruptive, not helpful. You might be sleeping, or in a meeting at work, or in line at the grocery store when your phone starts blaring.

To prevent that from happening again, the iRingPro collection of ringtones, Origin, Tek and Zen2, are soothing, professional-sounding tones. Note: The one-time paid ringtones are now free.

iRingPro ringtones

There are dozens of them, and they can be tweaked. You can make the time in between rings longer, so you’re not forced to scramble for your phone the next time you interrupt a meeting. You’ll have more time to decide after the first ring if you’ll answer it, or silence your phone.

There are two grades of rings, meaning their sound level. Meeting Grade is low tones for professional settings. You can still hear the phone ringing, but it’s not disruptive. The Active Grade tone is louder, so you can hear it when you’re busy doing things like walking on a loud city street.

You can also set your phone to Multi-Tone. Each time your phone is ringing, the first ring will sound different from the one after it. In other words, the first ring will sound different than the third or fourth ring.

Download instructions

Click on one of the blue links below. Scroll down to Download Now for iOS or Download Now for Android. Open the .zip file when download is complete >> iRingPro Master Collection >> Tones >> choose a ringtone.

Note: You can’t download iRingPro ringtones directly to your phone. Download them to your computer, then transfer the ones you want to your phone.

If you have an iPhone: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable >> open iTunes >> find your phone, then choose Tones >> Sync Tones (All or Selected) >> Apply or Sync.

If you have an Android phone, installing your iRingPro ringtones varies by manufacturer.

Follow download instructions above >> connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable (select Media Device MTP, if it asks) >> drag ringtones from your computer into your Android phone’s music folder.

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