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Free posters from NASA to inspire future explorers

NASA has big plans for visiting Mars within the next few decades. But can you believe much of the planning has already begun? One...
Downloads December 6, 2016

Top 5 free extensions for Microsoft Edge

With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in August, Microsoft finally rolled out extension support for its Edge browser, making it more...
Downloads December 2, 2016

Remotely tune up your family's computers

Your computer is bogged down with software, pieces of downloaded programs, temporary folders, and other things you don't need. They're slowing down your computer,...
Downloads November 22, 2016

Find out where your bandwidth is going

Internet service likely costs you $50 or more each month, but are you getting what you pay for? Now you can find out how...
Downloads November 11, 2016

Find out if your hard drive is failing

Without your hard drive, you'd be in big trouble. Just think of everything you've stored on it over time. Unlike cars, there's no "check...
Downloads November 8, 2016

Free browser extension lets you see what data Facebook has on you

Facebook wants to know as much about you as possible and tracks the things that you like. One reason it does this is to...
Downloads September 30, 2016
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