Security in Downloads

Smart motion detection for your webcam

Want to watch your home when you're out? Turn your webcam into a security camera with this simple software.
Downloads November 6, 2016

Essential tech tool every computer owner needs

Computer problems are always annoying, especially when programs crash or your system runs slowly. It could be a corrupt driver, a problem with your...
Downloads October 18, 2016

Nuke your hard drive before getting rid of an old PC

Disposing of a computer requires preparation. You must take precautions not to jeopardize any sensitive personal information. This program helps you completely wipe your...
Downloads October 18, 2016

Never accidentally download unwanted program add-ons ever again

Tired of scouring install screens for sneaky toolbars and extra programs? This program takes care of it once and for all!
Downloads October 4, 2016

Speed up your PC with a free tune-up

If you've ever wondered why your computer is so frustratingly slow, one reason is that your PC is bogged down with junk you don't...
Downloads September 20, 2016
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