Office and School in Downloads

Work faster and smarter by adding this feature to your computer

If you have ever tried to do a lot of repetitive work on your computer, you find that you quickly run into some limits....
Downloads January 4, 2019

Over 100 free resume templates for Microsoft Word

You only get one chance to make a first impression when you’re applying for a new job. That means you need a killer resume...
Downloads November 21, 2018

Save money on printing with a special font

Spending too much on printer ink? Save up to 25% on printing costs with this ink-efficient font.
Downloads October 6, 2018

This powerful free office program can replace Microsoft Office

Tired of paying big bucks for Microsoft Office? Try this excellent free alternative.
Downloads August 9, 2018

Organize your scattered online to-do lists

Organize your workday, and your everyday tasks by keeping notes, recordings and to-do lists on one program, not two.
Downloads April 13, 2018

Free tool to edit PDF files

.PDF files are great. The files preserve formatting across all platforms and can include text, audio, video, links and graphics. Most businesses use .PDFs...
Downloads February 26, 2018

Billionaire innovators’ success secrets from today's top tech creators

Our world is constantly being shaped by inventors, entrepreneurs and geniuses who defy the odds and follow their dreams. If you have a great...
Downloads December 30, 2017

Best free CAD program for your projects

Are you a budding 3-D designer looking for a free alternative to computer-aided design (CAD) software? Maybe you just have a knack for sculpting...
Downloads October 14, 2017

A tool for reading and editing eBooks

The e-book is a handy invention. You no longer need to have shelves full of dead trees. You can store all you favorite books...
Downloads October 6, 2017

BIG UPDATE: Our pick to control your monitor just got better

Headaches. Dry and itchy eyes. Blurred vision and muscle spasms. Any of these symptoms familiar to you? They are caused by hours of staring...
Downloads September 27, 2017
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