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car and home emergencies
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Best apps to save you from an expensive home or car emergency

Can having the right apps on your phone save you money, time and hardship? We think so. Our favorite apps keep our lives on track regarding everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Even if you’re rarely caught behind the eight ball, staying on top of it all can be made much easier with a little planning or perhaps a bit of extra support.

These three apps can make a huge difference if you’re a home or car owner.

1. CARFAX Car Care App

This is one of the best apps to stay up-to-date on everything your car needs monthly and yearly. You can plug your make, model, year and mileage in for a comprehensive vehicle maintenance agenda anyone can follow.

This app offers support for up to eight different cars. It can also automatically loop you into new safety recalls or updates you need to know about. You’ll be able to log fuel mileage, keep tabs on your car’s value, get quotes from maintenance professionals near you and track repairs and other services in one place. 

One of our favorite features: after adding your car’s info, you’ll get a service guide showing exactly what should be done after racking up miles from 60,000 to 100,000 and beyond. This includes necessities like inspections, and an alternate “severe” version covers cars that may not be in the best shape.

2. Maple

With the free Maple app, home care is always a family affair. If you have kids or roommates, this app allows you to add every critical task to a master list, organized by room (or anything else you prefer). Meals, chores and even special situations like house parties and renovations all stay organized in this centralized calendar.

In it, you’ll find everything from meal prep plans to shopping lists, note-keeping features and so much more. It’s one of our top picks because it simplifies tackling large projects and your weekly routine, leaving nothing important out of the equation.

Even your budget is represented here. It’s an all-around home management app that can be used on multiple devices. Share responsibilities and keep everybody on the same page for holidays, family trips and everything else.

3. OnStar Guardian: Safety App

We love the OnStar Guardian app. After installing it, you’ll have instant access to local towing, jump starts, emergency services, and even fuel delivery. It’s your one-stop spot for any emergency when traveling.

Download the app on every member of your family’s phone. Location sharing lets you connect in the event of a disaster. Signing up means you’ll be protected in a car or motorcycle accident and when in trouble on foot. When a crash is detected, a live agent will be notified and contact you for more information.

You can subscribe to this service for $15 per month or $150 annually. It’s perfect if the thought of being without a helping hand in an emergency terrifies you.

Bonus: Have peace of mind with your used vehicle

Computer systems in cars are the new normal. When something breaks, it could cost a fortune. And now is not the time for expensive repairs. That’s where our sponsor CarShield comes in.

You could save thousands on covered repairs. CarShield offers customizable and flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts. Plus, you can choose your favorite mechanic or dealership to do the work. They also offer 24/7 roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is being fixed.

CarShield has helped over 1 million customers! Drive with confidence with America’s No. 1 auto protection company. Protect yourself from surprises and save thousands for a covered repair!

Call 800-CAR-6000 and mention the promo code “KIM,” or visit and use the code “KIM” to save 10%.

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