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Browse every issue of “Life Magazine” at this great site

The first issue of “Life Magazine” ran in 1936 and lasted until 1972, before being rebooted in 1978 and making it to 2000. It returned again in 2004, lasting until 2007. It began as a weekly publication, but was also at times an occasional “special” print, monthly read and newspaper supplement.In 2012, turned into a photo spot on As for the magazine, those who read it enjoyed humor, photojournalism and commemorative issues.As far as publications go it has had an incredible run, changing formats yet retaining quite an audience. Chances are you have at least skimmed through it before, though maybe you are the kind of person who never missed an issue.

Don’t worry if you did miss one

The thing is, even the most dedicated readers probably haven’t seen every issue ever released, especially with how far back the publication goes. What’s cool though is in 2008, Google started hosting an archive of the magazine, from photos to entire issues.If you are looking for LIFE’s, say, Nov. 23, 1936 issue, it can be found.A collection of issues will be shown on the page with their covers, but there is also a search function that will help you locate key words.


 Google calls it “the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet,” and a quick look through the archives will give you no reason to doubt the claim.Whichever issue you click on, once you do, a page will open that allows you to scroll through the entire magazine. Pictures, articles, ads — all are there to be viewed.It’s neat stuff for everyone, whether they are a big-time fan of LIFE or not. Because no matter what you know about the magazine, this site offers us all a glimpse at history, one page and photo at a time.In short, it is another instance of the power of the internet in terms of doing good by people. While plenty of things make us shake our heads or groan online, it’s important to remember things like this are also there.
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