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Best way to bookmark your favorite sites

Have you noticed how much the world has changed over the years since the introduction of the internet? Of course, you have.

Think of everything that you do online these days. Financial transactions, business emails, educational courses and so much more. So much of our lives are spent online now, it’s hard to imagine going back to the way things used to be.

There have been many times where I’ve been researching a project and I begin on one site and two hours later find myself on the 25th webpage. Sometimes I lose track of all the sites that I have visited and struggle to get back to one that really had some great information. That’s why you need a way to keep track of all the sites you need to remember.

That’s where Diigo comes in to play. It’s a social bookmarking website that allows users to easily bookmark and tag web pages.

Diigo has a free plan that comes with ads and a limited number of bookmarks. Its premium standard plan costs $40 per year and has no ads, unlimited cloud bookmarks and more.

Here are some of Diigo’s features:

  • Read more effectively with annotation tools – Add digital highlighters and sticky notes whether on PC, tablets, or mobile devices and have them always be where you left them when you return.
  • Build your personal library in the cloud – Links, pages, notes, pictures, etc. will never be lost and ready to be accessed from anywhere.
  • No more broken links or lost treasures – Diigo archives the webpages for the links you save. Better yet, the archived pages are fully searchable.
  • Organize your information – Since Diigo provides powerful search capabilities, the simple act of saving or annotating something, often with just one click, will enable you to find it easily later.
  • Share information – One advantage of storing information in the cloud is that you can share it easily when you need to. Each piece of information can be set to public or private.

To check out everything Diigo has to offer, simply click on the link that we’ve provided below inside the blue boxes. Or, click here to visit Diigo’s home page.

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