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Become a beta tester for Microsoft

Calling all Microsoft lovers! This is your chance to take part in the initial release of the next-generation Chromium Edge browser. The new Edge beta is set to be released on both Windows and Mac platforms, but like any beta, there are bound to be a few bugs.This is where you come in. Microsoft has made the first official beta for its Edge browser available to any and all who wish to test its limits and capabilities. This gives users the opportunity to give their much-needed feedback as well, in order for Microsoft to make the necessary improvements.In what follows, we’ll cover the basics of what this new beta/browser release is all about and how you can participate in it. Also, what it means for both Microsoft and its ever-expanding online community.

Chromium Edge beta

Microsoft began this endeavor by first introducing the beta on Canary and Dev. Now, after months of extensive testing, Microsoft announced its next step in the process of launching its new Chromium-based Edge browser.The new beta is available to those using Windows 10, 7, 8 and/or macOS and will receive a new update every six weeks. Users who wish to test the beta can do so by clicking here.This beta channel is the third and final preview of the Chromium-based Edge, which has become known as ‘Chredge” among close followers in the online community. While Microsoft hasn’t announced an official launch date yet, it has stated that there have been over a million downloads of the Chredge preview across numerous supported platforms.Thanks to a large number of downloads, Microsoft has gathered over 140,000 pieces of helpful feedback in return. But, there’s always a need for more.Additionally, a security bounty program has been launched for the new Edge. Tech security ninjas who find/report any code-red weaknesses in the beta and dev platform releases are eligible for rewards up to $30,000. So, keep a sharp eye out. Related: Join Apple’s iOS 13 Beta software program 

Why should you use the new Microsoft Edge?

Let’s be honest, Chrome has been the go-to browser for most users for quite some time now. While browsers like Safari, Firefox and others are looking to outshine Chrome with new security and experience protocols, they’re still fighting for second place.Edge, on the other hand, is on track to be the browser with the most potential moving forward. Related: Which browser is best? Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer? By following Google’s template, Microsoft’s hope for Edge is to create a browser that is more productive for both personal and professional tasks. Edge has also made it a point to focus on enhancing users’ privacy when it comes to tracking and ads. If everything goes as planned, Edge will be one of the fastest browsers as well.Although the newest version is in the beta stage, it’s definitely worth a try. So, if you’re looking for something new and more experimental than Chrome, fire up the Edge beta and take it for a spin.

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