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Be creative and make your own music video

The thing about music is it makes people want to get up and dance. Maybe not dance well, but dance nonetheless.Of course, the quality of one’s dancing is purely a matter of perspective. No matter what, there is probably someone out there who thinks your moves are worthy of being in a music video.Which is why you can now make one. And once you do, sharing it with the masses is the natural next step. After all, what is the point of creating something special if no one else can enjoy it?

That’s where Tik Tok comes in

An app that is available for free on both iOS and Android, Tik Tok is a self-regarded “short-video social platform powered by music.” The kind performance you create is irrelevant, so long as you come up with something.If you’re curious about what it all results in, just search for “Tik Tok app” on YouTube, click on any random option and enjoy.The videos last up to 15 seconds, but what someone does in them is up to their imagination. The app’s role is to provide music, effects and a way to share the videos with friends and others all over the world. Through the app, you can also watch what other people have come up with.Included among its features are:
  • Facial recognition, with a high-speed image capture that will match your expressions
  • Crisp quality, with videos loading instantly and without lag
  • Mobile studio, which blends together artificial intelligence with image capturing in order to enhance your video with rhythm synchronization, special effects and advanced technology
  • Massive music library, giving you the chance to take your show in a direction you never dreamed possible
All of this led to Tik Tok being downloaded more than 45 million times in the first quarter of 2018, making it the most downloaded iOS app during that period.To download the Tik Tok app, click on the appropriate link that we’ve provided inside the blue boxes below.

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