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Be a hotshot pilot with this free flight simulator

If you have ever played around with Google Earth you may discover that you can easily spend hours looking up your old house, trying to find Area 51, or admiring some of the beautiful areas of the world that you’d like to visit. But Google Earth has many fun features that you may be unaware of.

How about zipping through the skies in the cockpit of a virtual airplane?

We love flight simulators, and we love free software, so why not combine the two with one of our favorite Google programs? That brings us to today’s download.

Fly over real locations with the Google Earth flight simulator feature

As if it wasn’t enough fun exploring Google’s 3-D mountaintops and Google Earth VR cities, there is now a flight simulator feature built right into the program. We played around with it and before we knew it, a whole hour had passed.

First, we get to select a plane. There are only two options right now, the SR22 propeller plane or an F-16 “Viper.” Not a difficult choice…I went with the F-16.

Next, we select our airport. I chose LAX.

First thing we noticed was that the F-16 was incredibly fast and difficult to control. Probably a reasonable representation, but for someone that just wants to scout out a city, it took some getting used to.

The best part of this feature was the ability to get a realistic view of the outside landscape while you are flying. We should throw out a warning, however, loading environmental details while actively flying over a city in a fighter jet can take some serious GPU power.

Since this comes as a free feature of Google Earth you can’t really expect it to be the most realistic or mechanic heavy flight simulator out there, but for a tool of exploration, it serves its purpose well.

We enjoyed flying over Los Angeles and got some pretty neat photos from the cockpit.

I cannot recommend Google Earth enough, especially for those of you who like to explore the world from the comfort of your own home. Next time you are in the mood to explore, try out the Google Earth Flight simulator Feature. (Joystick recommended).

Check out Google Earth here or the download link below.

Free flight simulator program for thrills and incredible scenery

If you are interested in a more standard take on the classic flight simulator genre, check out this awesome free program. This detailed and feature-rich simulator is one of the best free flight simulators on the internet.

Click here to check out our pick for the internet’s best free flight simulator.

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