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Backup all your devices into one account

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

Backup all your devices into ONE account at Use promo code "Kim" for a special discount.

When was the last time you sat down at your desktop computer? At the office, it’s essential, but in our personal lives, not so much, especially when you consider most of us primarily rely on our laptops, smartphones and tablets.

With all those gadgets, just think about how much data you create daily — files you may not even realize are important until something unimaginable happens. All it takes is one nasty virus or power crash, and you could lose it all. You could end up doing something as simple as losing your device or having water damage that makes your device inoperable. Who hasn’t dropped their smartphone in the sink, tub or pool on accident?

You might be thinking, “No big deal — I back everything up on the cloud.” But, if you’ve listened to Kim’s show or followed long enough, you know cloud storage options such as iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox fall short. Sure, they’re a convenient way to store files and access them from multiple devices. If the worst happens, though, restoring your files onto each of your devices would be a complete nightmare! Not to mention all those files you thought you’d saved but actually didn’t.

This is why we often stress the importance of having a solid backup service. But there’s still one area most backup services struggle with: In many cases, even when “unlimited storage” is advertised, your account only covers data from a single device.

Get more from your backup service

Obviously, backing up a single device doesn’t cut it anymore. What about your phone? Your tablet? Your laptop? Your hard drive? And what about the devices for each of your family members?

You need something that protects everything within a single account. That’s why we recommend our sponsor, IDrive!

With IDrive, it’s easy to protect each device in your household. Simply install IDrive on the gadgets you’d like to cover and manage your account from a single user dashboard. The data from each device will be organized into individual folders within your account.

IDrive’s backup covers all operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and even Windows Mobile. Plus, you can take advantage of their social media backup tool and create a safe archive for the posts, photos and videos you’ve shared on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Plans start at just $5.95 per month for 1TB of storage, which is less than your morning cup of coffee. And, as a listener of my show, you can save even more! Click here to save 50% on 1 TB of cloud backup storage!

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