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Distracted? Block out the noise with this focused writing app

Life online never slows down, and if you babysit your phone or computer you’re sure to see notifications roll in. From Windows to emails to instant messages to social media and more, so many apps and services are constantly vying for our attention. Ever wish you could just focus and get some writing done? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve found the perfect free writing app that helps cuts down on distractions.

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Going online is almost inevitably a recipe for distraction. FocusWriter is a no-frills writing app with absolutely nothing else to focus on than the text onscreen, keeping you on track. Keep reading to find out how to stay laser-focused while writing and how to get started in minutes!

What is FocusWriter?

FocusWriter is a piece of freeware for Windows, macOS, and Linux that bills itself as a “stripped down, relaxing writing program” meant for those who spend a lot of time writing on their computer.

The pitch is simple: Most people don’t use many of the features in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, especially if they’re just looking to write and not do complex formatting or generate charts or anything else. FocusWriter takes away everything you don’t need so you can focus on what you do.

Accordingly, FocusWriter defaults to fullscreen mode, and in fullscreen mode, only your cursor and whatever you type will be visible. To access the toolbar and its useful features like theme support, auto-saves, and daily goals, you will have to move your mouse to the top of the screen, after which the toolbar will appear.

While there are no real frills and you’ll be limited to the WordPad .txt file format, FocusWriter gives you everything you need to get writing.

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How to use FocusWriter

FocusWriter is such a lightweight program, on Windows, it does not even require an installation: simply download FocusWriter and open its executable file in the Zip file you download.

Once you’ve got FocusWriter opened you’re ready to begin writing, but you’ll need to know a few things before you get started:

  • Move your cursor to the top of the screen to access the toolbar.
  • Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to check your goals.
  • Set daily goals, either by time or word count. Do this by accessing the toolbar and clicking Settings then Preferences. Once you set your goal, click Okay.
  • Move your cursor to the left of the screen to filter/find words.
  • Move your cursor to the right of the screen to scroll through your document.

From within the toolbar, you’ll find familiar tabs that allow you access to further editing and formatting options, as well as tools like spellcheck and settings.

You can download FocusWriter by clicking the link inside the box below. Note: Once you get to the download site, select your operating system from the menu located on the right side of the screen.

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