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Are cellphones dangerous to your health?

It’s hard to imagine life without cellphones. They’re attached to our hips, in our pockets and purses. We can choose all kinds of alerts for rings, text messages, emails and so on.

One thing not many thought about when these wireless devices came out was safety. Since the first cellphone was introduced in 1973, a series of studies have been done on their risks to our health. 

Some studies suggest cellphones could be dangerous by causing brain cancer and fertility problems, even though there’s no conclusive link.

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How serious are the risks?

One man has been on a crusade to get the California Department of Public Health to release a document from health professionals on cellphone dangers. Some of the information is about energy.

“It basically talks about electro magnetic fields, a type of radiation that’s created by electronic devices, particularly wireless devices,” said Dr. Joel Moskowitz from the University of California Berkley.

“And based upon the department’s review of the research they find that recent studies suggest that long-term or heavier patterns of [cellphone] use increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems. They also talk about the risk of fertility problems based upon the research studies.”

Safety precautions

To reduce your exposure to cellphone radiation, it’s recommended you text instead of call, use a speaker phone or a headset. When you’re not on a call, take your headset off. Men should keep cellphones in their back pocket away from their private area since radiation could be linked to fertility problems. Ladies should never carry cellphones near their chest area. It’s better to keep them in purses to avoid potential breast tumors.

In case you’re wondering, all cellphones are the same when it comes to radiation — one brand is not safer over another. 

When it comes to kids and cellphones, research shows that kids’ brains absorb more radiation than those of adults. 

Dr. Moskowitz points out that some studies show there’s no danger associated with cellphones but it’s due to how the tests are done. Some don’t always measure when the cellphone is up close but rather at a distance.

Cellphones aren’t going away anytime soon and it could take years before more research is done about whether they’re safe or not. So, the best thing you can do is to take precautions and protect yourself!

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