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9 apps everyone over 50 should download

If you are over 50, you might not be up to date on trending apps. However, the best apps can help you organize your life and give you more time for matters. Looking for more convenient tricks to make your life easier? These five tech tips will make your life run smoother than ever before.

But how do you choose the right ones? Each app store has thousands of apps to choose from in each category. So unless you have time to spend hours scrolling, finding precisely what you need can be frustrating.

To get you started, we’ve selected the best apps in each category so you can optimize your life. Here are apps everyone over 50 should download.

1. You want to stay in shape

As we age, staying in shape becomes critical for staying healthy and extending our lifespan.

The app: Nike Run Club (free)

Available for free on both Android and Apple, the Nike Run Club app gives you access to every type of fitness class and training program you can think of.

Explore training advice, videos, and classes directly on the app, from yoga to boxing. You can even plan weekly training and get nutrition advice to help keep you on track.

2. You need some zen in your life

Between work, social commitments, and family life, it can be tough to find peace. When you need a little zen in your life, this app can help.

The app: Headspace

Free Trial for 7-14 days, then $69.99 for a year or $12.99 monthly.

With Headspace, you can introduce zen wherever you need it. Practice meditation with a complete library of meditation exercises.

Are you not sleeping well? Headspace’s musical selections include various white noise options to help you sleep. Available on Apple and Android.

3. Your medication is expensive

The cost of medication has been steadily rising for decades, and if you have regular prescriptions that you rely on, the price might be straining your wallet.

The app: GoodRx (free)

Download the app from GoodRx on Apple or Android and enjoy steep discounts on thousands of medications at your local pharmacy.

Type in your medication, compare prices at your local pharmacies and select one to get a coupon to scan at checkout. GoodRx is a sponsor of Kim’s show. We recommend it here because it’s a great free, money-saving app. You can access it from the web, too, at

4. You need to stay organized

Are you losing track of your life? Staying organized can be a difficult task when you are juggling work, family and outside commitments. Let Any.Do help you.

The app: Any.Do

One of Any.Do’s coolest features is it synchronizes across all devices, even your watch. Whether you use Apple, Android, Mac, or Windows, Any.Do will keep you on track.

Sync your calendar to track your meetings, track your tasks and even set reminders for when you don’t have time to check your phone. Get started for free or choose a premium option starting at $2.99 a month if billed annually.

5. You need to lose weight

Whether you’re retired or feel like getting in shape, losing weight isn’t always as simple as we’d like. But it is possible, and Lose It! the app will make it even easier.

The app: Lose It!

Choose the free version or upgrade to premium for $39.99 a year.

Start by tracking your food intake to stay on track, and don’t fail your diet right out of the gate. You can even set customizable goals and track your water intake. Available on Android and Apple.

6. You want to improve your home

If you’ve been putting off your home improvement needs, this app can take the stress out of getting them done.

The app: Angi

Available on Apple and Android, Angi will help you solve all of your home improvement needs. Browse professionals near you and read verified reviews that allow you to pick the best company for the job.

You can even message or call potential hires directly from the app. Ready to secure a deal? Pay your contractor directly on the app. While the app is free to download, there are premium features you can pay for. Angi is a sponsor of The Kim Komando Show.

7. You need to get better sleep

Insomnia strikes millions of people throughout the country. If you are in desperate need of more sleep, Sleep Cycle can help.

The app: Sleep Cycle (free)

Available on Apple and Android, use the app to answer a few questions about when you go to bed and how to wake up feeling refreshed. It calculates your perfect time to drift away based on sleep cycles, making you less likely to wake up groggy.

8. You want to keep your phone safe

Hackers can do more than attack your computer. They can also get into your phone. Our sponsor, TotalAV, can keep your phone safe and optimized at all times.

The app: TotalAV ($19 across five devices for one year)

Protect your phone from ransomware and other threats with TotalAV. This handy program integrates across all your devices and is compatible with almost every device on the market.

With TotalAV, you get so much more than antivirus protection. It’s the full package: A security suite that protects your computer and smartphone from today’s threats. TotalAV is a sponsor of Kim’s national radio show and her pick for antivirus protection.

Get the Best Security Suite for 2022 and save an exclusive 85% at That’s just $19 for an entire year of protection.

9. You want to organize your business cards

If you work with many clients or have too many contacts to keep track of, CamCard can help.

The app: CamCard (free)

Scan business cards directly to the app for digital storage. You can even share them instantly from the application. It even synchronizes across multiple devices so you can access your business cards from anywhere. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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