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Tweak Windows like a pro with this free download

Windows may be a familiar operating system that just about everyone knows how to use, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary to make changes, even small ones, when you aren’t sure how your computer will behave.

But we’ve got good news. It’s a lot easier to make changes to your Windows PC than you might think. Customizing can be a breeze. Tap or click here to learn how to change desktop icon size.

If you’re looking to customize Windows without editing the registry on your own, or doing anything that might jeopardize your computer, we’ve got a tool that can take care of just about everything you might need.

Customize Windows to your liking

Winaero Tweaker is a fun little customization tool that makes switching things up on your computer very easy. Using a simple interface, it lets you make a litany of changes simply by scrolling through a features list and clicking what you like.

For instance, you can disable Taskbar thumbnails, disable your computer’s typical reboot cycle after you install updates, change the way your title bars look and even switch to a customized Dark Mode so your computer’s visuals are more to your liking.

There’s a more complete list of features available, but if you can think of changing it on Windows, Winaero Tweaker lets you do it in a snap.

All you need to do to get started is download and install Winaero Tweaker, then scroll through all the different ways you can customize your PC. Everything is organized by category, so you can find what you’re looking for easily.

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You’ll find basic changes to your computer’s aesthetic in Appearance, and tweaks to your Desktop in, well, Desktop. The program itself resembles Windows, so you should be able to find your way around with ease.

If you feel uncomfortable navigating the site alone, Winaero Tweaker has a blog page with original articles and tips. There are articles on what native apps update, how to enable extensions on browsers and more.

Another great feature is how Winaero allows you to preview changes before making them. Simply click the option you want and the app will explain what to expect.

You’ll be taken to a page on the Winaero website and be shown how the change works and what it’s capable of. If you’re satisfied with the change, just click “Enable.” And that’s it!

If you’ve just purchased a new machine, you might want to add Winaero Tweaker to your regimen of the best ways to set up Windows 10. It’s going to be a key component in making your computer feel more like yours rather than just another PC off the assembly line.

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