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Creating graphics? Try this free (yes, free!) app from Adobe

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, many great apps can be added to your phone for many different purposes. Some apps can be helpful for those with a creative instinct and for those who enjoy expressing ideas. Need a logo? Tap or click here to customize and download one for free.

Since its initial release in 2016, Adobe Spark is design software that works on a computer (Windows only) and iOS and Android devices. Anything from posts for social media, graphics, web stories and animated videos are some of the features that can be created. 

On mobile devices, the Spark collection is a trio of apps Adobe has already created. Adobe Post app became Spark Post, while Adobe Slate became Spark Page and Adobe Voice became Spark Video.

What exactly is Adobe Spark? Adobe Spark is the integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone to easily create and share impactful visual stories, social graphics, web pages, and short videos. Keep reading to find out how it works.

How to get started with Adobe Spark 

To begin, check out this quick tutorial video on YouTube:

You can be using Adobe Spark in just a few easy steps:

  • First, download the Adobe Spark Post app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Apple’s App Store: Click here for the Adobe Spark Post: Design Make app for iOS. Or use the link inside the yellow box below.

Android Store: Click here for the Adobe Spark Post app for Android. Or use the link inside the yellow box below.

  • Next, select log in at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your email when prompted to sign in.
  • Select either personal, company, or school account.
  • Select the type of account you want — free or paid subscription.
  • Start enjoying Adobe Spark.

Some things to know

Adobe Spark Post projects are synced between all devices. When you work on a project on your mobile device, it will sync in the cloud for you to edit later on another device.

Spark Post was designed to help its users create professional graphics in minutes. Its concept is from Adobe’s pro tools like Photoshop and InDesign, with features including the ability to layer images with text and filters, make this accessible to everyday users. The app is especially popular with social media managers.

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Spark Page is focused on helping you craft web stories. This means that you can use it for things like magazine-style travel stories, photo albums, online newsletters, or anything else that you want to present on the web. It is basically a web editing platform with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.

Finally, Spark Video has the capability to create animated videos in a matter of minutes. However, this isn’t a tool for filming content. It’s to help you combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story to create the video.

Adobe Spark is a free service, available via, which will also direct you to the app downloads. It’s available on both iOS and Android, while Spark Page and Spark Video are only available to iOS. 

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