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Access your PC remotely using any browser

Businesses all over the world have been using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) so employees can securely and remotely log into their work computers. A standard VPN creates a virtual environment from which outside users can access a computer remotely.Let’s say you’re at home and forgot something important on your work computer, no worries. Just log into your computer’s IP address using the company’s VPN and you have full access.The convenience of VPNs has given rise to a number of competitor companies all vying for your digital attention. That brings us to today’s Download, the Ulterius Remote Desktop Management tool.Ulterius functions similarly to VPNs on the market. It logs into a computer’s IP address remotely and gives the user access to file transfer capabilities, hardware statistics, and almost anything else they could want.Ulterius differs from its competitors in that it is a browser application. It runs extensions through your favorite internet browsers like Firefox and Chrome to host the VPN service. It does not require its own desktop program to be installed; instead, everything is accessed by logging in through your internet browser. Another major difference, that cannot be understated, is that Ulterius is Open Source and available completely free.A completely free VPN that is simple to run through browser extensions. Now THAT sounds handy.To get this free download, click on one of the links we have provided below inside of the blue box. If you are reading this article using the App, click here to get this free download.

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