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A tool for reading and editing eBooks

The eBook is a handy invention. You no longer need to have shelves full of dead trees. You can store all your favorite books on your computer.EBooks are also much more portable than a standard book. Before, you struggled to carry more than 4 books. Now you can carry your entire library on a laptop. You can even store your favorites on an eBook reader for quick access.Sigil is an eBook reading program for your computer. It can work with a number of eBook file formats. These include TXT, HTML and EPUB. You’ll be able to read e-books no matter where you find them.Even better, you can also edit documents in eBook formats. Maybe you’re writing your own novel. Using Sigil, you can easily distribute it online as an eBook. Perhaps you want to carry personal documents on an eBook reader. Sigil can save those documents in the proper format.

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