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A simple fix for Windows 10 blurry fonts

If you’re using Microsoft’s newest version of its operating system, Windows 10, you probably like its improvements over Windows 8, which, among other things, didn’t have the Start button you’ve been using for years. Windows 10 brought that back and made several other improvements.However, one tiny change you may have noticed isn’t so great. If you increase the size of the fonts on Windows 10, so that it’s easier to read your computer screen, the fonts sometimes get blurry.In older versions of Windows, if you increased the DPI (dots per inch) scaling to 125 percent or more, your fonts would get larger and easier to read. Note: This is most effective with a computer screen that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, or higher.Unfortunately, some users of Windows 10 are finding that fonts get blurry when you do that. There are a couple of easy fixes, though.Windows 10 DPI FixYou can change the display settings in any program where you see blurry fonts. Right-click on the program icon, like Word or Excel. Choose Properties >> Compatibility >> put a check mark next to “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” >> Apply.Microsoft may make you reset those DPI settings every few times you log in. To avoid that here’s another simple fix. Download XPExplorer’s Windows 10 DPI Fix (see download instructions below); and set your DPI Scaling to the Windows 8.1 version.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Scroll down to Download, and click on the link. After it downloads, open the executable file. Follow the step-by-step installation instructions.Put a checkmark next to the box where it says, “Use Windows 8.1 DPI scaling (our fix).” To use the Windows 10 default DPI scaling, put a check mark next to that. Hit Apply, then restart your computer.Psst … Want more tips? Watch this video for helpful Windows 10 shortcuts.

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