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A great source of free audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks has never been easier. With lightweight, portable, wireless speakers like Amazon Echo or the Komando Connect Bluetooth Speaker, you just attach your smartphone or tablet to it, and listen to your favorite audiobooks, or discover new favorites while you’re relaxing or doing household chores.There are now countless audiobooks online, many of them free. You can listen to classic books, educational books, business books, and many others.If you’re looking for audiobooks for yourself, a great place to get free audiobooks is Podiobooks. You can listen to them on your wireless speaker, smartphone, tablet or computer.A podiobook is a free audiobook that’s available in serialized form, like old radio shows or TV dramas. You listen to one chapter at a time.You can find all kinds of audiobooks for a variety of audiences. Adults, children, fiction, non-fiction and everything in between is available at Podiobooks.Podiobooks partners with authors to bring their stories to the public, so if you like the books, you can make a donation to that author. On each audiobook’s page, there’s a link with a suggested, optional donation amount. Or, if you prefer purchasing the book, some of them are available on Amazon.Note: Want to listen to more free stories? Click here to get thousands of free audiobooks for your gadgets.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Once on Podiobooks’ home page, you can search for a book by clicking on “Browse Titles.” You can search by author, title, new releases and a few other options.To listen to a podiobook, click on a title that you like. You can either listen directly from the website, chapter by chapter, or you can download them onto your PC or mobile device.To download, click on an audiobook’s Download Episodes tab. Or, you can “purchase” it for free by clicking links to “Listen in iTunes” or “Buy on Kindle.” App background

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