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A better way to bookmark your favorite sites

Ever wanted to organize your favorite webpages, web quotes, images and video links? Maybe you’re doing research for a paper and we all know how organizing all your notes and bookmarks can be a pain.

Thankfully, Google has a free tool you can use for precisely this reason. It’s called Google Keep and you should check it out now.

If you’re not familiar with Google Keep, it is a free note-taking service included with your Google account that lets you save a variety of content like text, images, audio and videos for quick access.

You can then view all your saved notes across your devices via the Google Keep apps for Android or iOS or via its webpage.

Now, instead of copying and pasting from a webpage to a new Google Keep note, I found this quicker way of instantly saving your favorite webpages and content straight to your Google Keep Account.

Google Keep Chrome extension

To save web content like text quotes, images or even whole pages instantly to your Google Keep account, I recommend its official Chrome extension.

Once the extension is added to your Chrome browser, you can simply right click on a link, a webpage, highlighted text, images or videos and save the selections to your Google Keep account for later access.

Within Google Keep, you can organize your saved content even further by pinning notes, labels or by adding annotations and labels, extremely useful when doing research for one or several topics.

Like I mentioned earlier, once saved in Google Keep, all your content will be available across all your devices (as long as you’re logged in to the same Google account) so you can continue on your work wherever you are.

How to get the Google Keep Chrome extension

To add the Google Keep extension to your Chrome browser, visit the official Google Keep page on the Chrome Web Store.  Simply click the “Add to Chrome” then the “Add extension” button to install it.

Once installed, the Google Keep icon will appear on the right side of your Chrome menu bar and a contextual “Save to Keep” right-click option will be available. You can also quickly navigate to your Google Keep page by right-clicking the icon then selecting “Go To Keep.”

Note: Google Keep requires a Google account.

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