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A better camera app for perfect pictures

Are the photos you take with your smartphone dull and ho-hum?Taking great photos is only half the battle. Once you’ve captured beautiful shots, you’ve got to edit them to make them really pop. But here’s the problem: the photo editor on your phone leaves much to be desired.That’s where Camu comes into play. It’s a better camera app for your Apple or Android gadget that lets you make the most of your photos.With Camu, you get a wide array of different filters to let you control the feel of the photo, tools for editing the clarity and depth of your shots, timers you can set, and you even have access to a handful of collage templates.You can easily add inspirational quotes to your photos, add filters to your videos, add customized text and a variety of fonts, time and date stamps and other watermarks, too.What will you do with your photos to make them pop? The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Stop robocalls once and for all

Robocalls are not only annoying, but they scam Americans out of millions every year. Learn Kim's tricks for stopping them for good in this handy guide.

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