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Free download removes programs that slow down your PC

Free download removes programs that slow down your PC
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Have you recently purchased a computer? If so, you'd think it would be clean and uncluttered, running at lightning speeds.

Unfortunately, that isn't usually the case. Many PCs come pre-loaded with trial programs of cheap software. This bloatware loads every time you start your computer, making your computer sluggish. What's worse, a lot of these bloatware programs can be difficult to remove with conventional methods.

If you use an older computer, you'll be surprised to find that some of the bloatware your computer came with is still there. Plus, more bloatware has been added over time.

You may have downloaded programs that you don't use anymore. Yet, while you go through the uninstall process, the program doesn't budge. (Note: To uninstall a program in Windows 10, go to All Apps >> right-click on the program, then Uninstall. For older versions, Start >> Control Panel >> Programs >> Uninstall A Program.)

There's a simple fix for these problems. It's called PC Decrapifier. If your computer is seriously bogged down now, you should see a significant improvement after using it.

PC Decrapifier will scan your computer for programs that are slowing down your computer. It will detect and remove a lot of bloatware.

Note: Be careful not to delete programs you want. When PC Decrapifier shows you the list of programs it's going to delete, make sure it doesn't remove anything you want to keep. PC Decrapifier will ask you to create a restore point before you delete anything.

Select that. If you accidentally delete anything, you can restore your computer back to a point before you deleted that program.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. You'll see three options: Free; Personal Account is the same as free, but for a requested $5 donation; The Pro Account for $25 per year can be used on many computers, like in a small office.

If you choose Free: Click on Download. The PC Decrapifier will automatically download and install; if not, click on the blue link, "use this link." Open the executable file, then follow the installation instructions.

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