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Change the world with your computer's spare time

A lot of folks really want to be a part of something important. They want to change the world for the better. Unfortunately, money and time are two precious commodities. Everyone has to pick and choose the projects they can afford to support or be a part of.

The good news is that your computer can fill in for you. Processing power is in heavy demand. When science researchers need to crunch a ton of numbers, they need some serious power.

Many of them can't afford giant supercomputers. That's why they turn to distributed computing. This is a technique that breaks up huge tasks among thousands of smaller computers around the world.

The result is a giant virtual research computer. And your home computer could be a part of it. Just download one of these free programs.

Whenever you're not using your computer, its processing power turns to analyzing data and sending the results back to the researchers. You can help find a cure for Parkinson's and cancer, or even locate extraterrestrial life.

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