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Free eBook: 7 ways to grow your profits

When it comes to finding business advice, there is no shortage of wisdom, especially online. There are tons of people out there posting ideas in to be successful. The thing is, what works for them might not necessarily work for you.

Also, how do you know who is giving sound advice and who is just rambling off the cuff? That’s why it’s important to stick with sources you can trust. This is your livelihood, after all.

If you’re looking for help growing your business, look no further. Take advantage of this free download from a company you can trust with its seven key strategies to grow your profits.

Is your business taking advantage of the strong economy?

Are you doing everything you can to grow your business? NetSuite has put together a guide with seven tips that can help.

Here are a couple of things you should be looking into:

Ways to sell more to your current customers

Did you know it can cost up to five times more to attract new customers than it does to keep an existing one? Yet many companies focus more on bringing in new clients than retaining the ones they already have. Bad idea.

The truth is you’re 60 to 70% more likely to sell to an existing customer, compared to a new prospect. Your chances of selling to new customers fall between five and 20%.

If you’re not cross-selling and upselling current clients, you’re really missing out. In NetSuite’s guide to growing your business, you’ll find ideas to help boost sales to your current customers. Don’t miss out on these golden opportunities.

Make your move into the global market

If your business only targets consumers in the U.S., you’re leaving 95% of the world’s population off the table. The potential client base outside the U.S. is just too big to ignore. It’s not just big companies exporting out of the country, either. Almost 98% of exports right now come from small to mid-sized firms.

A couple of things you can expect by expanding your business globally include growing profits from seasonal changes or demand cycles that differ in other countries, broaden the sales life of existing products while launching new products that might not work in the U.S. and more.

You’ll find more solutions to expanding globally, along with many other helpful ideas, in NetSuite’s free guide.

More ways to expand your business

We quickly touched on a couple of points from NetSuite on how to grow your business, but there are more — a total of seven, to be exact.

The good news is you can take advantage of all seven tips NetSuite offers for free. Just visit its site by clicking the link below and sign up for its free guide, “Seven key strategies to grow your profits.” You’ll be glad you did.

Tap or click to get the free NetSuite guide to growing your business.

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