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Keep your privacy online

Keep your privacy online

Online tracking is invasive to many Web surfers. To reduce the privacy risks of online tracking, you should protect your IP address.

A proxy is an effective way to obscure your IP address. The proxy fetches Web pages and other online communication for you. Web sites see the proxy's IP address rather than yours.

Privoxy is a combination proxy and filter. Its filter features can be set to block cookies and Web page advertisements. Privoxy is relatively easy to set up, but filters may require some know-how.

This program is best for advanced users. If you are looking for an easy program to keep your identity safe online, you can check out more programs here.

Privoxy will work with Windows or OS X systems and most Web browsers.

To download Privoxy, click the dark green button that says "Privoxy_setup_3.0.21_exe."  I recommend using all the default settings.

Privoxy will run after installation. You can minimize the window to keep it in your system tray. You can also call it up to enter command lines to filter information. You can find all the command lines on the Privoxy FAQ after it is installed.

To begin using Privoxy as your web proxy, you first have to configure your broswer to allow Privoxy to take over. The proxy address is or localhost and port 8118. These are really the only configuration steps you need to take to enjoy Privoxy's benefits.

The configuration settings can be accessed through your browser. For more detailed information, you can check the Privoxy User Manual.

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