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Simple way to keep your browser tabs organized

Simple way to keep your browser tabs organized

How do you keep your browser tabs organized? If you're a browser power user and have a hard time keeping track of a multitude of tabs, we have a cool extension for you to consider.

Now we've covered some other great Chrome extensions in the past such as OneTab, QuickTabsSnooze Tabby, and The Great Suspender. There is however another contender with Toby.




Toby is a Google Chrome extension similar to the other extensions listed above, but a bit also different too. We'll break down below what makes it another alternative for your browsing needs.

What makes Toby unique?

Toby doesn't simply bookmark your favorites but organizes your browser tabs into itself to access them in one click instead of multiple dropdowns. It is a free extension but is one that you need to signup on their website to use.

  • The extension allows you to keep track of a hundred open tabs
  • Organize them into easy to digest visual lists.
  • Quickly search and find saved tabs.
  • Add tabs to lists with a single click on the extension's icon.

Toby has three plans ranging from:

  • Free - For individuals, can use for an unlimited period of time, for work or personal use.
  • Teams - For teams and businesses, use Toby as the hub for projects and team resources.
  • Enterprise - For large organizations, power teams with multiple Toby workspaces.

What tab extension works with what browsers?

  • Firefox
    • OneTab, Snooze Tabby,
  • Chrome
    • OneTab, Quick Tabs, Snooze Tabby, The Great Suspender, Toby

What extension should I use?

Each extension serves a different purpose.

  • OneTab - Is a tab memory reducer. This allows you to not overload your PC by offering up to 95% memory reduction.
  • QuickTabs - Allows you to close your tabs and make them available in a "recently used" quick access area.
  • Snooze Tabby - This extension temporarily snoozes your open tabs until the timer goes off as long as the browser is open.
  • The Great Suspender - Another tab that allows you to set a time limit to make tabs inactive temporarily.
  • Toby - Allows you to organize tabs into lists and makes it easier to find in a non-bookmark styled page.


With each browser comes many great plugins for tab management. Out of these extensions, Google Chrome does have a higher compatibility present over what Firefox has to offer. Each one serves a different purpose and functionality.

Toby does one thing that the others don't and that organizes your tabs into an easier to navigate the page. While the other plugins also allow you to reduce memory and put your tabs to an inactive mode, Toby lets you organize them and get back to them quickly either through search or an aesthetically pleasing visual list.





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