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Best sites to download free audiobooks

Best sites to download free audiobooks

A few years ago, multitasking used to be next to impossible when it came to reading books. You either had to read through a chapter of your favorite book first then do an errand or put down the book, do your chores and come back later to continue reading.

Thanks to audiobooks, you can now listen to your favorite books on the go; whether you are out for a long drive or in the kitchen cooking your favorite meal.

Let’s dive in and explore best websites that allow you to download and listen to audiobooks for free.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive has thousands of free audiobooks and poetry. You can browse through the audiobooks by subject, keywords or by using the search box. You can also sort by view count to enable you to get the most popular audiobooks.  Note that the Internet Archive was essentially designed to be the internet's library.

Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud has thousands of free audiobooks that mostly focus on learning. The books have reviews that give you a better understanding of what the book is about before starting to read.

Learn Out Loud offers you several ways to find audiobooks. This is because they have been sorted in alphabetical order, recently added, most popular and random. The site also categorizes the books in unique genres like science, technology, business and others.

You can either stream the books online or download them to read later, whatever you prefer. However, to download an audiobook you will need to sign up for a free user account.


LibriVox relies on volunteers to read books in the public domain and upload them on the site as audios. The audios can be of just a chapter of a book or the whole book. Once the audios have been uploaded, the public can access them for free.

LibriVox has thousands of cataloged works in more than 30 different languages. LibriVox is available for iOS and Android devices; therefore you can either download or stream the available audiobooks through your phone or tablet.

Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is the one-stop free library for kids’ audiobooks. The audiobooks here are specifically for kids, with most of them being under 10 minutes long. They come with a text version to enable those who want to read with the narrator to do so. Light Up Your Brain also has free games for kids to help them boost their capabilities.


Lit2Go has thousands of audiobooks, plays, short stories, and poems. They come with citation information, play time and word count. Lit2GO allows you to browse through genres of the available audiobooks like Fable, Gothic, Epic, and Adventure and, many others. Some of the books have PDFs accompanying to be used as a read-along with the text. The audiobooks can be downloaded wholly or as short segmented passages of specific chapters.

Loyal Books

Loyal Books was formally known as "Books Should Be Free."  Here, you should expect a collection of nice public-domain books in several languages. The audiobooks can be downloaded wholly or just specific chapters in the form of MP3 and MP4. You can also access the books through podcasts and RSS feed.

Loyal Books allows you to search for book titles by genre, popularity, and language. Most of the audiobooks in Loyal Books have ratings and reviews from fellow listeners’, which can be a plus for you when deciding on a book to read.

Open Culture

Open Culture offers you audiobooks compiled from different sources on the web. The audiobooks are primarily classics and you can either download them in different formats or just stream them.

The audiobooks are organized by genres such as fiction or non-fiction and are alphabetically listed by the author's last name. Therefore all you need is to scroll down to browse through everything Open Culture has to offer. Open Culture has hundreds of free audiobooks available for you, and the list keeps getting updated frequently.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, just like LibriVox, has some of its books narrated by volunteered humans. It also has some of its books computer narrated. So if you like listening to the likes of Siri, Cortana or Alexa reading you a book, you are in luck. Project Gutenberg offers you more than 57,000 free eBooks to choose from its comprehensive library. It is also available for iOS and Android devices.


Storynory, just like Light Up Your Brain, is another kids’ audiobooks platform. Here you will download fairy tales, original stories and classic stories. There are also short stories for the little ones and even educational books. Storynory publishes at least one free audiobook a week. With Storynory, your kids’ bedtime story time is set, with or without you.

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