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5 free tutorials to use your iPhone camera better

When cameras first started showing up on phones, they were more of a novelty than something photographers actually took seriously. They did not take clear, good images, and were not useful outside of a quick photo to keep on the phone.

But as technology improved, so too did the cameras, where now the pictures you take on a phone are often of good enough quality to be printed and displayed. In fact, even professional photographers have no qualms about using their phones to snap photos.

In terms of phone cameras, the iPhone has long boasted one of the very best. It seems to improve with every generation, with the iPhone X now topping the list.

But how do you get the most out of the camera?

Indeed while the iPhone X’s 12-megapixel camera itself is quite impressive, there are certain tricks one can do in order to really make your photos count. In order to help people really get some great photos, Apple released a set of five videos with some helpful hints that not only help with the iPhone X, but other iPhones, too.

Shooting in Panoramic 

One of the most useful things you’re able to do with a camera is take panoramic photos. They give you a wider view of the scene, allowing you to incorporate more into your picture.

Especially useful for outdoor shots of nature or sports, the way you get there is to open up your camera and choose “Pano.” Then tap to take the photo and then slowly turn your camera to the right, all while holding it as steady as possible.

By the time you get all the way across, or at least far enough for your liking, you will have a very wide — but not particularly tall — photo.

Action shots with Burst mode

It’s not easy to snap great action shots, especially with a phone. But with Burst mode, you can get it.

Just open the camera portion and instead of tapping the button to take a picture, hold it down. When you’re satisfied with what you were trying to get a photo of, just lift your finger off the button.

When you go into your photos to see what you did, you will see a line of many pictures, which when put together illustrate the motion you were capturing.

Getting that photo in Slo-mo

Sometimes the coolest thing we can do with an action shot is to slow it down. To do that on an iPhone X, just open the camera, slide to “Slow-mo” and hit the button when what you want is in the frame.

Once you are done taking the photo, you go back into the slowed down photo and select when you want the scene to begin and end.

Allow for a backlight to add to your photo

Using backlight may sound like something the pros do, and the reason for that is because it is. But your iPhone X can do it, too.

Just open up your camera and then, once your shot is lined up, lock the focus in order to be able to adjust the aperture. Locking the focus frees you up to do some other things, too, especially when it comes to action photos.

Get those soccer shots

You may have noticed a little soccer tournament called the World Cup is going on. With the excitement that surrounds the event, it would be understandable if people are now more fired up than ever to get into the sport.

With so much movement and action it may seem impossible to get good photos — especially with a phone — but with all the tricks you learned above, it’s going to happen.

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