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1 all-in-one app you must have

Presented by MySudo - One app, complete control!
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1 all-in-one app you must have

Simply put, the internet has destroyed our privacy. Not only is it risky, but it has also evolved in such a way where everything we do, say, and record is attached to us like a digital tattoo. Our emails, texts, pictures, purchases, browsing histories and searches are literally stored forever.

Marketers and data miners constantly profile you so they can sell your information and preferences to big brands who will perpetually serve you targeted ads.

With so much of our lives and personal experiences moving to the online world, we should have the same freedoms, control, security and privacy that we enjoy in the offline world.

Living your life online shouldn’t mean leaving your life online—nor should it entitle anyone or any entity to free, unlimited and unencumbered access to your personal and private information.

What can you do to stay safe, protect your privacy and regain control? You could stay off the internet, but we all know that's not practical in today's world.

Instead, there's an app that lets you call, text and email for free – as well as search, shop, sell and socialize online – safely, securely and with 100 percent privacy.

Enter MySudo

Our sponsor, MySudo, is a 100 percent private, all-in-one app that allows you to create up to nine Sudo avatars – each with its own unique phone number and email address.

Whether temporary or permanent, Sudo avatars empower you with the ability to call, text and email anyone, worldwide, for free – even if they don’t have SudoApp. And, it’s so private they don’t even know who you are (no sign-up or registration needed).

Send private messages, manage multiple phone numbers and email addresses, and create custom personal identities that last as long as you need them to. You can even call, text and email other MySudo users for free.

Plus, call and text non-Sudo mobile or landline numbers with SudoOut calling.

Worried about your security? MySudo is designed with your privacy in mind: they don’t know who you are, they won’t harvest your personal information, will never advertise to you, and never ask you to register or create a username/password.

Everything inside MySudo is encrypted with a private key that never leaves your device!

Unique features

Other features of MySudo include:

  • Unlimited calling. Nine free lines. No walled gardens.
  • Unlimited messaging. End-to-end encrypted.
  • Chat with groups – on your terms. Leave and return as you wish.
  • Delete and modify sent messages. Make messages disappear.
  • Hack-proof email. No usernames or passwords.

Finally — safety, security and privacy. All in one app. Welcome to MySudo.

All you need to do is download MySudo in the Apple App Store today to take back control and keep your identity safe. Better yet, get it now and it's free for the first 30 days!

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