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Sponsored: Why you need a password manager now!

Presented by LastPass - Security starts with strong passwords.
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Sponsored: Why you need a password manager now!

Do you practice good password hygiene on all your online accounts? In light of the frequent data breaches that seem to happen every day, it should be your number one priority when it comes to your online security.

Why? Well, studies show that around 81 percent of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords. So it stands to reason that having unique and strong passwords across multiple services is more critical than ever.

But with the increasing number of online accounts we have - work, social media, shopping, banking, entertainment - keeping track of all our email addresses, usernames, and passwords can be difficult and confusing.

Thankfully, this download can help you organize, create and reliably track your usernames and passwords across all your accounts.

Protect yourself with LastPass

Our sponsor LastPass is a simple and secure password manager that remembers all of your login credentials across multiple services and secures information for you, at home and at work.

With LastPass, you can easily create, manage and save complex and unique passwords for multiple sites and services then access them across multiple browsers and devices.

You can even share and manage passwords for your family members and save secure notes in the cloud. You can also save auto-fill information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.), credit cards and even save secure documents for later access.

From individual use to families to businesses, LastPass helps secure your passwords and makes it easier to keep track of all your online accounts and services.

Not only can it keep your own individual credentials secure, LastPass also allows you to safely share passwords, like online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, securely with your family.

For your password management needs, LastPass can be the only program you'll ever need. It protects yourself and your loved ones online while making it easier for you to get things done.

Want to get started with LastPass now? Check out our LastPass beginner's guide.

Download the LastPass app now

LastPass is available across all major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Add-ons and extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera (for Windows, Linux and Mac). It also has standalone applications for both Windows and macOS.

On the mobile side, LastPass has iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps, plus an add-on for the Dolphin browser.

Get LastPass Premium for more features

LastPass Free is a good individual password manager but amazingly, it gets better with a LastPass Premium account.

With a LastPass Premium account, you can share as many passwords or items as you’d like with others, you get advanced two-factor authentication options, emergency contact access and priority customer support. You can also access LastPass from within applications, use desktop fingerprint authentications and 1GB worth of encrypted cloud storage.

If you're serious about password management, then LastPass Premium is totally worth it.

Learn more about how LastPass can help you at home and at a work. Click here to get a free LastPass Premium 30-day trial!

Warning! New clever port out phone scam is spreading

One of the scariest threats out there is when a would-be criminal will try and intercept the two-factor authentication codes that are being sent via SMS text messages to your phone. Thankfully, LastPass can protect you against this rising threat too. Click here to learn how.

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