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Sponsored: Generate stronger passwords and store them with a single click

Sponsored: Generate stronger passwords and store them with a single click

It's a fact of life, internet life to be exact. As we conduct more of our affairs online - social media, banking, shopping, entertainment, communications - we are juggling multiple accounts more than ever.

Think of all the services sites you constantly log in to every day. Now, think of all the email addresses, usernames and passwords you use to access them. If you're using proper password etiquette, you probably have scores of unique and strong passwords for every service and site!

How could you possibly keep track of all of them? Maybe you have a notepad filled with all your credentials (an absolute no-no, by the way).

Or, do you just let your browser auto-save your usernames and passwords? (Not as secure as it seems.)

Or maybe just throw caution to the wind, commit all of them to memory and reset them when needed. (Not recommended for your sanity's sake.)

Well, thankfully, there are options out there to help! One option that can make your password life easier and more secure than ever is


Our sponsor, RoboForm saves you the hassle of remembering all your passwords for the secure sites you use.

It automatically saves new passwords as you enter them into a site and allows you to log in with just one click.

Need help generating strong and unique passwords? RoboForm's built-in password generator will do just that!

Even with hundreds of passwords saved in your profile, RoboForm will also organize them in a user-friendly and searchable way.

RoboForm Free

With a free RoboForm account (yes, free!), you get a lot of great features such as unlimited logins to sites and services, multi-platform support (Macs, PCs, iOS, Android plus multiple browsers) and bulletproof AES256 encryption.

RoboForm Everywhere

For even more powerful features, you can upgrade to a RoboForm Everywhere subscription. For just $19.95/ a year you can get extra perks like multi-device syncing, two-factor authentication and more.

So don't fret. If you need someone to guide you through our modern and complicated world of logins and passwords, it doesn't matter if you have a Free or Everywhere account, our sponsor RoboForm can help!

Download Instructions

To download RoboForm now, click here or the blue box below. RoboForm is available for Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, Linus, and Chrome OS.

You can get RoboForm for free but for a limited time, you can use promo KIM for $10 off new Everywhere subscriptions.

Click here to get this deal now courtesy of Komando.com!

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