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Sponsored: Control and access your desktop from anywhere for free

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Sponsored: Control and access your desktop from anywhere for free
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Are there times you wish you have access to your PC or Mac while you are away from your home or office?

Of course, there's nothing like accessing your whole desktop computer and your applications without the physical need of lugging it around wherever you go. Just imagine the setup process! Cables, monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers - it's impossible.

For techie road warriors who are always on the move, remote computer access is a convenient way to get some work done from anywhere as if your whole computer is right in front of you!

There are plenty of programs out there that can, but here's the best application we've found that will let you do just that.

RemotePC - it's a must-have!

Our proud sponsor RemotePC is a free download that lets you access your Windows or Mac computer from afar, anytime, like magic. Log in and control it like you just instantly teleported to your own desk. Access your files, run your programs and get your work done from anywhere!

Access your computer anytime from any gadget - With RemotePC's Always-ON Access, you can set up your computer for instant access from anywhere. As long as your home or office computer has an active internet connection and the RemotePC software is installed, you can control it remotely from another computer or even from your iOS/Android smartphone and tablet.

A little help from my friends - If you need someone to control your computer temporarily, either for troubleshooting or collaboration, then RemotePC's One-Time Access feature is perfect for the job. Simply generate an Access ID and Key, share it and let your friend do the driving. You can even chat with him/her in real-time.

Seamless file transfers - With RemotePC's File Transfer option, you can move files to and from your remote and local computer. You can even drag and drop files in windowed mode! Transfer files from Mac to PC or vice-versa, RemotePC has you covered. Now, that's one super convenient perk for any road warrior!

Print remotely - Sometimes, you do need to print a good old hard physical copy. With RemotePC's remote printing feature, you can directly print a document on your remote computer to a printer on your local computer. You don't even need to transfer your file, just print off your RemotePC printer like it's installed locally. It's that easy!

Screen recording - Here's a great RemotePC learning and training tool - screen recording! With RemotePC, you can instantly record any remote session and save the clip to your local computer. As you would have guessed, this is especially handy for troubleshooting and tutorial purposes.

Secure - And that's not all, if you're worried about your computer's security while accessing it remotely, don't worry, RemotePC uses proven TLS 1.2 and AES-128 encryption for data communications and user authentication. A unique Personal Key also adds another layer of bullet-proof protection.

Get RemotePC Free!

And it gets better. For single computer access, RemotePC is free to use! That's right, it's free! For that price, RemotePC is definitely a must-have for always-on personal remote access to your computer, Windows or Mac. Click here or the Download button below to get RemotePC for free!

If you need access to multiple computers, then the RemotePC Consumer plan is the right one for you. For just $69.50 a year, get unlimited remote access to up to 10 computers! Psst! For a limited time, get a 90 percent discount on our sponsor RemotePC's Consumer plan. Get it for just $6.95, courtesy of Komando.com!

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