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Quick and simple way to listen to radio stations worldwide

Quick and simple way to listen to radio stations worldwide

Of all the wonderful things the internet allows us to do, one of my favorites is the way it connects us to different parts of the planet. It is essentially a portal to different cultures, lifestyles and, of course, musical tastes around the world.

One popular method to virtually travel around the world in the comforts of your home is via internet radio. With it, you can listen in to what's happening on the other side of the planet with a single click of your mouse. No station scanning, no antenna fussing, no static - it is world radio at your fingertips.

If you want to sample what the world's radio stations have to offer, here's a free and lightweight internet radio player we found that you can try right now.

Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio is free, simple and easy-to-use internet radio player that features tons of global stations right off the bat. From talk radio to rock music, Screamer Radio's listening options go far and wide.

You can listen to BBC, Czech, Magyar, Polish and a vast selection of other European, Australian, and U.S. radio stations.

Do you want your daily dose of comedy? Screamer Radio has The Comedy Channel. How about Country Music? Or maybe Pop music? Screamer Radio has those too, and then some. You can sort and search through the stations via tags so you can zero in on a genre in seconds.

Its interface is clean and simple. You get your play/resume, stop and volume controls, a list of the available stations and an information box about the currently playing station. That's it!

Screamer Radio is light on your computer resources too and better yet, it is ad-free!

Just install it, fire it up and you'll have instant access to hundreds of radio stations worldwide.

You can even have your own Favorite list of stations so you'll have them ready for your listening pleasure each time you open the program.

Ready for a light and easy internet radio player? Click here or the download button below to get Screamer Radio for Windows now.

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