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New password manager great for beginners

New password manager great for beginners
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You probably keep hearing about the convenience and enhanced security of having a third-party password manager.

Let's face it, in this modern digital age, juggling tons of usernames and passwords across multiple online services is unavoidable. Couple that with the constant online hacking and phishing threats and a strong password manager becomes a must.

The problem is that the stronger your passwords are, the harder they are to remember. And third-party password managers can be quite complex and daunting. If you’ve been intimidated at the thought of installing one you’ll be happy to know that I found a password manager that’s simple enough for even beginners to use!

Let this bear assist you with your passwords!

A bear that remembers

RememBear is a new password manager from the same company that makes one of the best VPN services out there, TunnelBear, and it shares the same elegant, cute and simple interface. But don't be fooled by its playful appearance, RememBear has all the must-have features you'll ever need from a password manager.

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Similar to other third-party password managers, it has mobile support, multi-platform accessibility, password generation, strength measurement and organization, all presented with a user-friendly interface that's so easy to grasp.

Assisting you with your password management is the company's mascot, a big brown bear that follows you around. Currently, it only supports website logins and credit card information but that's all a beginner will ever need anyway.

Once installed, the bear will remember all your passwords, enter them automatically when you log in to a website and synchronize them across all your gadgets. (You can also import all your Apple Keychain, Chrome data and old passwords from other password managers.) Additionally, with its browser extension, the adorable RememBear icon will always be clickable, ready to fill out every login page you encounter.

Having a hard time crafting the perfect password? The bear will suggest super-strong passwords and remembers them for you so you won't have to memorize and type them over and over again. This is extremely convenient for this modern era of gadget hopping and mobile browsing.

Worried about security? RememBear encrypts your information with industrial strength AES-256 encryption and rest assured that even the most patient hackers will find it next to impossible to crack.


Try RememBear now

Download RememBear and see if it's the simple password manager you've always wanted. Just head on to RememBear's download site or (click the download button below) and install its main program.

Launch it and the bear will first ask you for a Master password and assign your gadget a unique device key that is specific to your computer.

Keep this key secure, either by writing it down or saving it somewhere safe since this is the only way to recover your account. Your data is always saved and encrypted within your computer and if you lose both your master password and device key, it will be impossible to recover your information.

Next, for seamless web integration, install RememBear's Google Chrome extension (or Safari) so you can have the bear auto-fill your encrypted login and credit information as you browse the web.

And of course, for mobile password security, download RememBear's iOS or Android app so you can access your saved passwords wherever you go.

Important Note: While the full version of RememBear is free to try while it's still in beta, it will most likely change in the few months when the beta period is over.

According to RememBear's FAQ page, there will be both a free and paid version when that happens so you better take advantage of this free trial period while it lasts.

Soon, while the free version will allow you to save unlimited passwords, they will be stored offline on each device. And similar to other subscription-based password managers, the paid version will have unlimited device support plus online backup and syncing.

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