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Free tool gets rid of ads, viruses and malware

Free tool gets rid of ads, viruses and malware
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If you are a Chrome user, you are probably happy with the browser's lightweight and speed. Chrome is a great browser to use because it is designed in every way to maximize the loading speeds of webpages, but after years of using it, like everything on a computer, it can begin to slow down.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons your favorite browser is slowing down, and an easy way to fix these and many other problems associated with internet browsing.

Fixing a bogged down browser

There are several reasons why your internet browser may be slowing down, but most likely it is because of unwanted browser extension programs. These are unnecessary programs that are able to make changes to your settings without asking.

The purpose of these programs is usually to cause additional ads to display on your browser. By changing your browser security settings this becomes possible. Unfortunately, by changing these settings it can also cause even more of these types of programs to infect your PC.

As your browser accumulates more and more of these unwanted programs you can experience various symptoms like slowdowns, crashes, and even screens full of advertisements.

Simple tool, quick fix

These problems are extremely common, and whenever I visit a friend or family member to fix their computer, the first thing I do is get today's download - the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is a program that scans your entire PC for known malicious programs and removes them. Despite its name, the Chrome Cleanup tool removes many programs that commonly affect other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox as well.

It is a great tool to supplement any virus scanner or malware remover. I suggest keeping this one top-of-mind for the first thing to do when you're looking to speed up your computer.

To get this handy utility program and speed up your computer, check it out here. Or click the download link below.

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