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3 free Microsoft Office alternatives you've probably never heard of

SSuite Office

SSuite Office provides free office software. It was designed to be user-friendly so that even the first time computer novice can easily use it.


There is a huge selection of tools to choose from, including everything from word processors, and spreadsheets to even security and financial tools.

There are no trial versions or recurring subscription fees. No registration is required and the software contains no third-party add-ons, toolbars or software distributions.

One of the most common office suites available is the SSuite Office Personal Edition. It's intended for beginners and is really easy to use.

Here are some of its features:

  • Windows 7 styled
  • Full 32-bit software
  • No annual license fee
  • No Java or .NET necessary
  • Unlimited document history
  • Easy installation
  • Open last edited document feature
  • Insert emoticons and special characters
  • Export your documents to pdf, bmp, emf, png, jbp, and tiff image formats


There are many other office suites to choose from. You can get an overview of each suite's features on the download page.

Click here to go to the SSuite Office download page.

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