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Free download tracks who made changes to files and when

Free download tracks who made changes to files and when

Are you on a shared computer at home or in the office? Or maybe you and your family or co-workers access the same file server or folder?

Whatever it maybe, with any shared resource, accidental changes, modifications, removal or deletions are bound to happen. To prevent the teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling ordeal of figuring out what happened to a particular file, you probably would want to install file monitoring software to track file activity.

SoftPerfect File Access Monitor is one such software. It is a free download that monitors file access and gives out a detailed report and history of the modification operations (read, write, move, copy, etc.), the user involved and the time when the modification was performed on any given file on a shared computer or even a file server.

How to download and use

First, download and install SoftPerfect File Access Monitor from the download link provided below (scroll down to the "Product Info & Download" section and click "Download File Access Monitor").

file access monitor login

When you launch the software, a login window for the target file server host will appear. For default local files, just leave the "Connect to host" field as localhost and the password field blank. If it's a file server, enter the IP address or name and password (if any).

file access monitor

The program's interface is a convenient split-screen window with a hierarchical view of the host file folders on the left pane and the modification details and history on the right pane.

Under Settings, you can even specify what action types get recorded and assign a specific color, choose how long the records will be kept and filter (include and exclude) paths.

Another great option is Chronological View. This displays a detailed history of the activity of a specific user or process, handy for tracking down a target user's footprints on a system.

file access monitor chrono

To try out SoftPerfect File Access Monitor, click the blue button below to visit the download page.

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