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Clean up your Google Chrome’s bookmarks and get rid of dead links

Clean up your Google Chrome’s bookmarks and get rid of dead links
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We all know that the internet is a virtually infinite library of webpages with a massive amount of information catering to any point of interest imaginable. With this sheer amount of variety at your fingertips, it's easy to get lost and lose track of the sites you want to keep coming back to.

I've shown you how bookmarking a website on your favorite browser is a cakewalk.

But with the relative ease of bookmark creation, you may one day find your bookmarks folder filled with outdated web addresses, dead links, duplicates and empty folders. Purging and managing the hundreds of bookmarks you've accumulated throughout the years will certainly be a pain.

Fortunately, for Google Chrome users, there's an extension that will precisely do that for you and it's aptly called "Bookmark Checker."

According to the extension's page, Bookmark Checker will check your bookmarks for broken, duplicate and dead links. It will even inform you of any duplicate and empty folders within your Chrome bookmarks folder.

Different modes


Bookmark Checker has different modes to choose from.

There's the "Error Connect" mode. It scans for 404 (Not Found error), 403 (Forbidden error) and timeout errors on your bookmarked web addresses and it will give you the option to whitelist or completely remove the resulting dead links from your bookmarks folder.

The "Duplicate" and "Duplicate Folders" modes, as their names imply, will scan for duplicate bookmarks and folders that you may have and the extension will prompt you to whitelist or remove them as well.

The "Empty Folder" and "Empty Title" mode will scan for your bookmark folders with no items or bookmarks with no titles.

Using these different modes is easy. Just select the preferred mode from a drop-down box on its main preference page and click the blue "Check" button.

If you're on "Error Connect" mode, you can optionally set the timeout time (time it takes to wait for a webpage to load) and the number of threads (the default setting of 5 is fine).

After the scan, Bookmark Check will generate a report of the results and it will give you the said option to whitelist or remove any bookmark it finds. That's it!



Chrome Install instructions

To install the Bookmark Manager extension, just click on the blue download link below then click "Add to Chrome" then on the next window, click "Add Extension."

Once the extension is added to Chrome, a yellow icon will be added to your Chrome extensions toolbar. Just click that to run Bookmark Manager.

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