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Easily turn PDFs into Microsoft Word docs

Easily turn PDFs into Microsoft Word docs

Do you remember the old faxes that you used to get at work? They'd slowly churn out from the fax machine and immediately curl up.

You'd usually find them rolled up in a big pile on the floor. Not very convenient.

Fortunately, today, people email you PDF files instead. That's great, except PDFs have one big problem. Most people don't have the software you need to edit PDFs or other documents you receive.

For example, you might need to sign a lease that your realtor sent. But when you try to digitally sign the document, you can't.

Instead, you have to print out the multi-page lease and then sign it and mail it. You end up spending money to print and mail it, which is a hassle.

You don't need to do that anymore. With the program FreeOCR (optical character recognition software), you just open it as a PDF then turn it into a Microsoft Word document that you can sign and edit.

To use it, open a file from FreeOCR (see Open PDF icon below). Then, click the OCR icon that has a drop-down menu. Choose how many pages you want to export into Word, click the W icon in the center (below). Then you'll see "OCR processing."


Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Click on the blue FreeOCR hyperlink underneath the image of a Word document. Click the Downloads tab >> scroll down to where it says "Download FreeOCR" in green >> click the blue Download Here button.

FreeOCR will automatically download. Open the executable file and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.

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