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Easily create your own professional looking magazine

Easily create your own professional looking magazine

How cool would it be to publish your own magazine? No matter what your interests, whether it's fashion, photography, or anything else, it would be fun to create a magazine with photographs and articles about it.

More likely, you have a lot of interests. With Flipboard, you just select articles about one topic or many topics that interest you, then put them into your own, shareable online magazine. The content you can choose from is professionally written, photographed, and edited, including from FastCompany, the New York Times, People and many other publications.

You get started by signing in with your Facebook or Google+ credentials. Or you can create a new account using your email address.

Flipboard then gives you options for formats and styles. It walks you through selecting articles for your personalized magazines. You can create several of them, then add related content over time. (See photo below.)


Note: The Flipboard link below will let you download Flipboard to your computer. If you prefer, you can use Flipboard from its website, or install the Flipboard app onto your mobile device.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Get the app >> when Microsoft Store opens, click on Free. Sign into your Microsoft account, which could be your Hotmail or Outlook address. Click on Free >> Flipboard will automatically download.

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