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Remove 'ghosted' hardware from your registry

Remove 'ghosted' hardware from your registry

If you've had your computer for a while, say a few years, you know that you've downloaded countless software programs, security patches and who knows what else. You may not even know what's on your devices anymore.

That's also true of the hardware you've added. For instance, you may have installed a mouse years ago that you no longer use, or a microphone that's outdated.

When you register hardware to your computer, it can remain there, even if you don't use the hardware anymore. That's called ghosted hardware.

You can easily get rid of it with GhostBuster. It scans your device for hardware, like audio equipment, keyboards, and monitors.

GhostBuster will show you the hardware you have and its status. If you want to get rid of ghosted hardware, click on the Remove Ghosts tab (bottom right corner in image below).


Download instructions

Click the blue link below. Click on the Download button. GhostBuster will automatically download >> Open the GhostBuster application folder >> follow the installation instructions. Note: If you see a pop-up box, with a link to install .NET Framework software, click on it.

Note: If your computer is slowing down, the cause may be remnant pieces of software you thought you uninstalled. Click here to find out how to completely get rid of software.

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