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Transfer your smartphone's music and more to your computer

Transfer your smartphone's music and more to your computer

If you've been using your Windows PC or Mac for a few years, you know you've got your whole life on there. Or, at least it can seem that way.

You've got photos, text messages, countless email messages and music. Lots of music, maybe including Adele's new "Hello," the fastest-selling digital download in history.

But, whatever music you cherish, you know that panicky feeling you get when you think about losing all those tunes. What if your computer crashed, or a hacker took over your computer?

If something happened, there's a solution. If you've got music saved onto your Apple device, whether it's an iPhone, iPad or iPod, PhoneTrans helps you transfer your Apple device's music, photos, movies and more to your PC or Mac.

Want to transfer your Android files to a PC? Try this free download instead.

Download instructions

Click on the blue link below. Choose Download Now. Note: Don't click on "Start Free Trial Now" for AnyTrans; click on blue link that says, "Continue to download PhoneTrans." You may need to do this more than once.

Choose the blue "Download PhoneTrans," if you're using a current version of Apple's iTunes. Click the green "Download," if you use an older version of iTunes. Open the executable file, and follow the installation instructions.

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