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Remotely tune up your family's computers

Remotely tune up your family's computers

If you're like us, you're always cleaning old files out of your computer. We're not talking about the programs, files and photographs that you want and use every day.

Your computer is also bogged down with software, pieces of downloaded programs, temporary folders, and other things you don't need. They're slowing down your computer, but we've told you about one way to speed it up.

CCleaner and its add-on CCEnhancer analyze your computer, and then get rid of the junk you don't need. You tell it which areas of your computer to analyze, and it shows you how much room you can free up.

It's an easy-to-use program that's free, with optional, for-a-fee upgrades. Now, CCleaner has a way to remotely analyze and clean your home PCs when you're not there.

We've been telling you a lot about the cloud. It's a way to save your files, photos and videos on other companies' sites, to free up your computer's storage space.

CCleaner is now tapping into the cloud to allow you to remotely manage your PCs. Say you have three computers at home that need to be tuned up, but the problem is you're not home. Or, the problem was you're not home.

With CCleaner Cloud, you can optimize the performance of your computers from wherever you are. You can scan your computers, then clean out anything CCleaner advises you to get rid of. (Make sure it doesn't delete anything you need.)

You can remotely monitor your computers to make sure you're OK on disk space. Plus, you can set up email alerts for problems like your computers crashing, or software you don't want being downloaded to them.

To use CCleaner Cloud for free, you can remotely clean up three PCs. Or, for $5 a month ($50 per year), you can use CCleaner Cloud for all the PCs in your home. That plan gives you the option to sign up for a two-step verification system to keep your computers secure, and you get "priority" technical support.

For businesses, the cost is $2 per month ($20 per year) per device. You can scan an unlimited number of computers, use two-step verification, and get priority tech support.

Download instructions

To download the free CCleaner Cloud, click on the blue link below. Click on "Sign Up Now," then "Sign Up" under the free option. (Or, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose "Sign Up" under the free option.)

You'll see a note saying, "Start your free 14-day Pro trial now!" Enter your name and email address; a verification email link will be sent to you. (That can take a few minutes to a few hours.) Once confirmed, choose the download option for Windows.

Find your download file, then follow the simple installation instructions. To get started, click on the "My Computers" link. (You'll see you have 10 computers you can add; but the free version includes up to three computers.) Each computer you add will need to have the CCleaner downloaded to it.

Note: For your free Pro trial period, to make your CCleaner Cloud even more secure, choose its two-step verification option. Under your name in the upper right-hand corner, choose Account Settings >> Security >> Enable two-factor authentication. Type in your phone number or numbers to receive a code to use in addition to your password.

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