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Personalize your Windows 10 desktop

Personalize your Windows 10 desktop

If you've been using Windows 10 for a while now, you have probably been discovering many of its more useful, newer features. For starters, the look of Windows 10 is a bit different from its predecessor, Windows 8.

In the Start menu, you can see that Windows 8's tiles are still there. But there are also Start menu features from earlier versions of Windows that people have been missing, like a pop-up menu of your computer programs. You can customize Start by moving tiles around, or adding in ones you want while deleting the ones you don't. There's one tab at the bottom of the page, Search the Web and Windows, to search the internet or your own saved files, right from the taskbar.

There is one feature you may not like as much, and it's right in your face: Windows 10's dark appearance. The background wallpaper, by default, is dark. The Start live Windows tiles are dark. The taskbar icons at the bottom of the page are dark, typically black or dark blue.

If you want to change the look of Windows 10, that's pretty easy to do. Go to Settings, Personalization, then Colors. You can choose from an array of colors to change the look of your taskbar, Start menu, and Windows' tiles. You can also change the background image.

However, you'll notice that Windows 10's standard colors are a bit drab. If you feel frustrated by Windows 10's color palette, there's a cool download you need to know about.

Windows 10 Color Control

Windows 10 Color Control taps into an existing but unregistered Microsoft color algorithm. Meaning? Microsoft has these alternative colors available, but they're inaccessible to most users. Windows 10 Color Control fixes that, and it's super easy to use. If you want everything to be brightly colored or you just want to toss in a little brightness here and there, here's how to do that.

Download instructions

Click on the blue button below. It will take you to RaMMichael's Blog. Scroll down until you see Download. Click on Windows 10 Color Control. It's a zip file, or compressed file. Click on it to start the download. When it's finished, choose Open, then Run to start customizing your Windows 10's colors.

Tip: Try disabling the auto-color accent algorithm for an even brighter taskbar.

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