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Recover files from your computer

Recover files from your computer
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Have you ever lost your precious computer files? It's the absolute worst, especially if you lost treasured family photos or important files for work. That's why you need this helpful program. It can try to recover the data you thought was gone for good.

This data recovery software is free to download and easy to use. Plus, it works with both OS X and Windows, so you can get your files back whether you're a Mac owner or a PC fan.

This program doesn't just work with your computer hard drive either. It can also recover data from just about any drive you can connect. That means you can recover files from USB drives, external hard drives, MP3 players and more.

Recovering lost music, videos or other files is a cinch with Disk Drill. All you have to do is install the program, select the drive you want to scan and click a button to get started.

Disk Drill has a few different recovery tools you can use, like Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Undelete Protected Data. But, I recommend just clicking the "Recover" button. That will direct the program to run through all of its data recovery options to try and get your lost data back.

Once you click the button, Disk Drill gets to work. It will scan your drive and show which files can be recovered. Scans can take a little while, so you will have to be patient. You can pause a scan and resume later if it's taking too long.

To get started, click the blue link at the bottom of this page for your operating system. When you reach the download page, click the green download button near the top of the page. The download button will include a box with an arrow in it. Your download should begin immediately.

When the download is complete, open the installation file. The Installation Wizard will walk you through the installation process. Click the Next button to complete the process. I suggest using Disk Drill's default settings and file location.

When the installation is complete, you'll see a shortcut for Desk Drill on your desktop. Mac users can find the program in the Applications folder. Just double-click on the icon to get started.

Disk Drill will show you the available drives you can scan. Just click the "Recover" button next to the drive to prompt the program to reassemble lost data. You can also use the arrow next to the Recover button to run specific functions like a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan.

Now, there is no replacement for having a great backup. Hard drives fail. They just do and usually, without any warning.

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