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Get 500 free Microsoft books and publications

Get 500 free Microsoft books and publications

It's hard to get through a day without using one or more Microsoft software programs. Even if you're an Apple devotee, or just don't use computers very often, you're running into Microsoft.

For instance, when you're home, you're using Skype or Bing. At work, you may be using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Plus, at some point during a job interview, your potential employer will ask, not if you can use Microsoft programs, but how proficient you are in using them.

Whether you're a Microsoft novice, or you're an IT (information technology) pro, there are free resources to up your game. Every year, Microsoft's Director of Sales Excellence, Eric Ligman, releases hundreds of eBooks and guides to help you learn and use Microsoft programs.

This year, there are more than 500 new guides for you to check out. They're all free, and have been downloaded millions of times.

Note: No matter your skill level with Microsoft programs, there are free eBooks on the site geared to you. Scroll around to find the right one for you.

Microsoft free ebooks

Download instructions

Click on one of the blue links below. Scroll down to a specific title, then click on the link you can open. For example, you can probably open PDF files. If so, click on a book's PDF link. Or try another link, like DOC or DOCX.

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