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Easily keep track of software updates

Easily keep track of software updates
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Given the new digital threats that pop up every day, we here at Komando.com hope you're taking your digital security seriously. At the minimum, that means you have a strong firewall and anti-virus.

Unfortunately, one thing can undo even the best security software. I'm talking about out-of-date software. This can give hackers the holes they need to sneak viruses and malware on to your computer.

Keeping Windows programs and your security software up to date is critical, but most Windows updates happen automatically. Here's how to turn on automatic Windows updates, just in case they aren't.

So most likely, Windows updates aren't the problem. It's the other programs you use that require you to manually check for and install updates. Most people don't have the time, only do it once year, or wait until they have to use the program and get an annoying pop-up message requiring an update in order to use.

That's where SUMo comes in. It stands for Software Update Monitor and it automatically detects required updates and patches for all of your computer's software and drivers.

To download, navigate to the SUMo download page by clicking here or in the blue box below. Click the blue download box under the SUMo box and your download should start automatically. When the download is complete, open and run the installation files and you're all set.

Now you'll be notified whenever updates are available.

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