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Find out where your bandwidth is going

Find out where your bandwidth is going
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Internet service likely costs you $50 or more every single month. That's not exactly chump change. Are you getting what you paid for? Even though you're paying your Internet service provider for a specific upload and download rate, you might not be receiving the speeds it promised you.

With this bandwidth monitoring and usage tool, you can see your download and upload speeds in real time. Once you know what speeds you're getting, you can also find out exactly how your bandwidth is being used by monitoring how other users and applications are using the Internet.

You can even find out how much Internet traffic you consume on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with this free download.

You can see your current upload and download speeds by right clicking the NetWorx icon in your taskbar at the bottom right corner of your screen and selecting the Speed Meter feature.

If you want to see how your bandwidth is being used, you can visit the Usage Report section. This contains tabs for daily, weekly and monthly Internet traffic consumption. You can also sort traffic by user and use the Applications tab to see how your programs are using Internet bandwidth.

If you're worried about your Internet usage, you can set quotas using the Quota tab. You can also set notifications from the settings menu that'll pop up on your desktop when the speed drops below a preset speed.

To get NetWorx, click the blue download button at the bottom of this page. Then, scroll to the bottom of the NetWorx download page and click the green "Download NetWorx, installer" box. Your download will start immediately.

Note: There may be several advertisements on this page that look like download links. Only click the link I indicated above. If the download asks for personal information or credit card numbers at any time, exit immediately because you've selected the wrong link.

When the download is complete, run the installation file. Make sure to read the License Agreement before continuing. During the installation, NetWorx will ask you which components to install. I suggest sticking with the default settings.

Once the installation is complete, the program will run you through the setup process to integrate the tool into the taskbar at the bottom right side of your desktop. It will also offer you other downloads to consider, but you can click Next to skip that message.

You will then need to choose your language and your Internet connection to complete the setup.

Note: To see how your applications use the Internet, you need to right click the NetWorx icon in your taskbar, click Settings and use the Main tab. Then, check the "Ignore local traffic within LAN" box. You can then see application statistics from the Usage Report screen using the Applications tab.

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